GoodBytes publishes software ("InformationTools") and books which contain all you need to succeed in a variety of business and investing efforts.

You know how people read "how to" books, but never actually use the information?

Well, it's hard to turn theory into practice.

So what's the solution?


InformationTools do much more than just show people how to make money in the business and investing world. They contain all the tools you need to use that information ... right away.

Here's how it works...

First, we find a person who is a success in a certain investing or business field. We work with that person to figure out how s/he achieves that success. Then we design an InformationTool that empowers you to do exactly the same thing.

Think of an InformationTool as a "digital book" with a toolbox inside. The book ("INFO") shows you HOW to make money in a certain investment or business arena ... and it contains all the software ("TOOLS") that you need to use that information ... right away.

This means that you will never read another "how to make money" book ... then decide to "put it off 'til later." Nor will you puzzle over "how to" turn theory into practice in the "real world" of business or investing.

Each InformationTool is totally novice-user-friendly ... button-driven ... truly "download-and-go." If you know how to point and click, you already know how to use an InformationTool.

Have You Ever Wished That ...

you could rapidly and painlessly develop a business or investment skill that will earn you a second income stream? The answer does NOT lie in another home-learning course in computer maintenance. Nor will you find it in the millions of "how to make money" books and "booklets."

No, to succeed in business or investing, you have to do what successful people do.

The InformationTools' power-packed, step-by-step format is the closest, easiest, fastest thing yet to "cloning success." If you are interested in this unique, highly effective process, please go to the Web site of our first InformationTool, PennyGold.


Of course, not every business and investing topic requires the full InformationTool approach. Our first book launched in June/99 And it's a doozy. Readers have scored it "20 out of 10"! One person even called it the "most important business download of my life."

Ask any Web marketing guru, "What's the single best book about how to sell on the Net?". Just about every one of them will answer...

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And our second book is receiving the same acclaim. If you are looking for a great product to sell on the Net, the answer already lies inside your head...

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If you would like to suggest a money-making business or investment related topic for a new InformationTool or book, we'd love to hear it. If you are the first with the idea, and if we publish it, you'll receive it first ... and free.

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