The PennyGold Digital Book

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The PennyGold digital book is laid out in unique, easy-to-navigate-and-read, outline format. Its ninety-five pages breeze by in about an hour.

In that short time, you will cover everything you need to know in order to work PennyGold to its full potential. EVERYTHING you need to know is included in the book.

Here is the Table of Contents, organized by chapter, sub-chapters (indented), and sub-sub-chapters (double indents).

  • The Basic Concept -- describes the fundamental concept and logic of the PennyGold method.
    • Brief History
    • Breakthrough!
    • Zen & the Art of PennyGold
      • Buy Low
      • Sell High
      • The PennyGold Edge
    • Everyone Else Reads, Too

  • Where to Find the Nuggets -- briefly reviews penny mining stock exchanges around the world.
    • Canada
    • U.S.A.
    • Australia
    • Rest of World

  • HardLine Rule #1 -- so important that it deserves its own chapter.

  • Step-by-Step PennyGold -- the "nuts and bolts" of PennyGold.
    (screenshot of this chapter, fully expanded, appears below)
    • Step 1 -- The HardLine Screen
      • HardLine Rule #1
      • HardLine Rule #2
      • HardLine Rule #3
      • HardLine Rule #4
    • Step 2 -- Risk of Ruin
    • Step 3 -- Full PennyGold
      • Enter the Nuggets
      • "Red" Data
      • Prioritize
      • Prepare for the Prez
      • "Blue Data"

  • Buy: How to Get In -- all you need to know.
    • Which Broker?
    • The Process
    • Tweeners
    • Buy Direct

  • Sell: How to Get Out -- the most fun (and rewarding) part of the whole process!
    (screenshot of the first page of text for this chapter appears below)

  • Ongoing PennyGold -- a lifetime skill.
    • Time ...
    • PGPers Club

  • Web-Boost PennyGold -- how to use the Web to multiply the power of PennyGold.
    • More About Stockwatch
    • Press Releases Via E-mail
    • Digital Newspapers
    • Investor-Oriented Sites
    • Newsgroups and Chat Rooms
    • Final Caveat

  • Disclaimer -- same as the Web site's.

Screenshot of the "Step-by-Step PennyGold" chapter, fully expanded
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Clicking on the arrows (in the PennyGold book, not on this Web page), expands and collapses groups of chapters. Clicking on a bullet beside a chapter opens the particular chapter (screenshot below). The result is a quick, pleasant, organized reading experience.

Screenshot of the first page of the "Sell: How to Get Out" chapter
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