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YES, I want PennyGold.

Please find enclosed my personal check, certified check or money order, for $CDN997 (or equivalent in the currency of your country), made out to the order of "GoodByte$ Information Products Inc." (if you are sending a money order, please specify an International postal money order if you are from outside of Canada).

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I understand that you will e-mail my username and password to download PennyGold as soon as you receive this order (unless I am paying by personal check, in which case there may be a delay of up 6-8 weeks). By acting now, I also get the Advanced Investor Package, FREE.

I understand that I am completely protected by your Ten-Times-Your-Money Guarantee. If PennyGold doesn't pay for itself TEN-fold after one year, I will tell you and you'll send my money back!

Finally, I declare that I have read and do agree with your disclaimer and confidentiality statements.


Mail or courier this form to:

GoodByte$ Information Products Inc.
68 Cote St. Charles
Hudson Heights, Quebec
Canada  J0P 1J0

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