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PGOLD XPRESS is a FREE monthly newsletter about penny mining stocks. Here's what this e-zine delivers:

1) Sharp, original articles about penny stocks that "hunt for treasure." Articles show you the ins and outs of this exciting investment arena. Totally original, you will not read pennystock information like this anywhere else.

2) Over time, you will become invulnerable to "the story." PGX will keep you from getting sucked into such the frauds and scams that are regularly started by the penny stock insiders and big investors.

PGOLD XPRESS is not a "tips" or recommendations newsletter. Tips just don't work, especially not penny mining stock tips... they are often just a paid-for part of the promotion!

Even when they are honest stock recommendations (and how do you really know?), by the time you get the tip, you rarely get it at the recommended price... but the author and all his insider friends always do! So who do you think makes the money?

While PGOLD XPRESS will make you a better penny stock investor and while it will keep you from becoming part of the 97% who lose money, it won't bring you into the fold of the 3% who win at penny mining stocks. Only PennyGold can do that.

PennyGold is powerful software that will turn you into a self-reliant, successful penny stock investor ... one of the 3% who consistently make money at penny mining stocks.

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Newsletter Back Issues

Here are brief summaries of the nine full issues of PGOLD XPRESS that were published, followed by the PGX Updates.

PGOLD XPRESS #001 -- January 22, 1998

Interview with Dr. Evoy, covers the all-important basics:

  • what a penny stock is
  • why penny mining stocks are the best way to make money
  • the step-by-step PennyGold approach to penny stocks.

PGOLD XPRESS #002 -- February 13, 1998

  • Article of the Month: How to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH -- 2 penny stock stories show how, exactly!
  • Web Site of the Month: The Bre-X Saga -- up-to-date news on the all-time penny stock scam, as it happens!
  • FAQ of the Month: The Trouble with Penny Stock Newsletters

PGOLD XPRESS #003 -- March 13, 1998

  • Article of the Month: A Real-Life, Real-Time Lesson in "greed-then-grief"
  • Web Site of the Month: GOLDSHEET -- an outstanding mining resource!
  • FAQ of the Month: "C'mon Ken, this is too good to be true..."

PGOLD XPRESS #004 -- April 14, 1998

  • Article of the Month: PennyGold-Certified Brokers
  • Web Site of the Month: Pennaluna -- experienced junior mining penny stock brokers
  • FAQ of the Month: "I live in Bora Bora. How can I do PennyGold?"

PGOLD XPRESS #005 -- May 15, 1998

  • Article of the Month: Greed-then-grief ... the BIG PICTURE
  • Web Site of the Month: Canada Stockwatch -- wealth of data and info
  • FAQ of the Month: "Playing with s-s-s-s-cared money, and I'm still skeptical."

PGOLD XPRESS #006 -- June 15, 1998

  • Article of the Month: Use Seasonality of Penny Mining Stocks to Make Money
  • Web Site of the Month: John Kaiser's Bottom-Fishing Report -- an original thinker writes an interesting newsletter
  • FAQ of the Month: Recent Results -- how PennyGold does in bad markets!

PGOLD XPRESS #007 -- August 13, 1998

  • FAQ of the Month: "Penny mining stocks are all scams. No way anyone makes money at this game!"
  • Web Site of the Month: The Bull and Bear newspaper goes online!
  • Article of the Month: The Best Country to Find Money-Making Penny Mining Stocks

PGOLD XPRESS #008 -- September 15, 1998

  • SPECIAL ISSUE: Reprint (from the prestigious Canadian MoneySaver magazine) of a wide-ranging interview with Dr. Ken Evoy about penny mining stocks. It covers all the basics, plus several major advanced strategies, of investing in penny stocks.
  • GLOBE AND MAIL: The Globe and Mail newspaper is Canada's equivalent of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, combined. Don't miss their article on a happy PennyGold owner!

PGOLD XPRESS #009 -- November 17, 1998

  • LAST REGULAR ISSUE: With the PGOLD XPRESS subscriber base now over 3,400, PennyGold V.1.5 receiving fantastic response, PGPers making money (while all the "gurus" are losing!), and PennyGold sales starting to approach 1,000 units (after which sales stop)... I'm running out of good stuff to say on a regular basis.
  • GLOBE AND MAIL: The Globe and Mail was so intrigued with their article about a PennyGold user, they did a feature on "yours truly." Details inside.
  • Self-Management -- the Key to Success in Penny Mining Stocks: If you can live by these simple rules of self-management, stick by them, always remember them... you'll never lose money at penny mining stocks.

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PGX Updates

Since discontinuing regular publication, we still send out the occasional PGOLD XPRESS Update. Click on the links below to see the text version of each of those updates. Click on your browser's BACK button to return here.

PGX Update #008 (originally e-mailed October 21, 2000)

  • The New Eligibility Rule: Big Change for the Bulletin Board

PGX Update #007 (originally e-mailed March 8, 2000)

  • What Happens Next?
  • Make Your Knowledge Sell!

PGX Update #006 (originally e-mailed January 4, 2000)

  • PennyGold Sold Out -- Waiting List Only
  • Two Outstanding and Undiscovered Mining Analysts

PGX Update #005 (originally e-mailed July 14, 1999)

  • Contrarian View on the Future of Gold
  • "Mining" the Internet

PGX Update #004 (originally e-mailed May 14, 1999)

  • summer/99 UPDATE AND OUTLOOK released.
  • launch of MAJOR NEW PROUDUCT announced.

PGX Update #003 (originally e-mailed February 28, 1999)

  • important press release lends support to market turnaround
  • sample of what PennyGold owners receive every Sunday.

PGX Update #002 (originally e-mailed January 25, 1999)

  • the market is turning
  • PGPers are making significant profits
  • copy #750 is sold, and the price is going up.

PGX Update #001 (originally e-mailed January 6, 1999) -- something big is brewing!

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